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Caring for your Wood Floor

Hardwood floors have been experiencing a resurgence of popularity in recent years. Once thought to be difficult to care for, hardwood floors are now seen as an easy alternative to tile, vinyl, and carpet. This is largely a result of improvements in the technology of hardwood floor finishes. These new finishes make keeping your hardwood floor looking new an easy task. Just follow these simple maintenance procedures.


Protect your floors

We suggest throw rugs in front of sinks in your kitchen and any door leading to the outside where heavy traffic and tracking occur. However, do not place rugs on a newly finished floor for at least one week after the finish has been applied. Chairs and other furniture that are moved frequently should have floor felt pads attached to the bottom of each leg to help prevent scratching and wear.


Wood flooring will perform best when the interior environment is controlled to stay within a relative humidity range of 30 to 50% and a temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. Fortunately, that’s about the same comfort range most humans enjoy. If the humidity hits above 55%, you’re opening up a chance for moisture to seep into the wood. Too much moisture and the floor boards could begin to swell causing the boards to warp or cup. Low levels of relative humidity can cause wood to dry out and create gaps.


Floor Cleaning

  • Dust Mopping or Vacuuming – Regular dust mopping or vacuuming is an essential part of hardwood floor care. A good quality dust mop or vacuum head is the most effective tool for cleaning dust and dirt off the floor. To keep your floor looking its best, dust mop or vacuum. Dust or vacuum more often on floors with heavy traffic.


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  • Cleaning your wood floor – Spills and tracked in dirt can be cleaned by a lightly dampened cloth or paper towel. Once a week mop using a hardwood floor cleaner. We offer a dustless deep cleaning and re-coating using our new Dirt Dragon which will clean your hardwood floors and give them a fresh coat of finish while adding new life and beauty to your floor without sanding.



We recommend the following cleaners which are available at Floors By Steve:

  • BONA X Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner and mop kits

  • Bona Oiled Floor cleaner and mop kits

  • FBS Private Label cleaner and mop kits

  • Lon’s Own Cleaning Products

  • Replacement mop heads

  • Self-adhesive felt pads (used to protect your floor from scuffs from chair legs)


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Additional Maintenance:


Do Not Wax or Spray Buff – Urethane finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish the floor. Waxes or polishes will actually make the floor harder to clean and cause problems for future recoats.


Periodic Recoating – Following a regular maintenance program will preserve the life of your hardwood floor for years. However, despite all of their advantages, these new finishes will not last forever. Eventually your floor may need to be recoated. A hardwood floor should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to bare wood.


Little things that will add life to your wood floor

  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed and paws clean

  • Place protective pads under the feet of furniture and chairs

  • Remove shoes with spikes or high-heels before walking on your wood floor

  • Use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood when moving heavy furniture and appliances.

  • The sun’s UV rays accelerate oxidation and aging of woods and fabrics.

  • Maintain proper humidity levels year-round to minimize wood expansion and contraction (30-50% relative humidity).


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