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Why Wood?

Nothing can be more inviting in a home than wood floors.  The beauty, warmth, and expressed quality of a wood floor enhances every room it’s in.  It’s no wonder that wood floors remain a popular choice for homeowners, whether it’s a remodel or new construction.


The new finishes available today make wood floors easy to care for, in some cases even easier than tile, vinyl or carpet.  The improvements in technology have produced finishes that are not only easy to care for, but also environmentally friendly.


Floors By Steve has the best staff that I have ever worked with.
Thank you for everything.
R.K. - Eden Prairie


Wood flooring is a popular choice for many reasons. Aside from its beauty, wood floors don't harbor dust, bacteria or dust mites the way that carpet can . Woods, such as oak, cherry or fir don't dent as easily as pine, and most gouges can be re-stained to hide the damage. Hardwood floors can be left their natural color or stained.  Colors can range from light to dark mahogany.  

Why Wood?

  • Durability.  When properly maintained, wood floors can last for 100 years

  • Minimal maintenance (compared to carpet cleaning)

  • Colors and styles to fit any decor

  • Incomparable beauty and uniqueness

  • Wood floors match homes of all ages and styles

  • Increases the value of your home

  • Wood floors are one of the most requested “must haves” from homebuyers

  • Not harmful to the environment.  Wood floors are environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • Naturally renewable and biodegradable

  • Can be refinished many times over and also allowing you the ability to change its color

  • New finishes provide easy maintenance


We are thrilled with the floors, and
feel they ‘make’ our house.
M. S. – Shorewood, MN

Wood Floors go GREEN

Wood floors are a renewable, eco-friendly flooring option.  Even today’s finishes offer low VOCs. Talk to a Floors by Steve expert, and we’ll provide you with a variety of flooring options to fit your green home.
Elegant yet relaxed, hardwood floors strike a balance of beauty and comfort that is unmatched in flooring. For a lifetime of enjoyment, choose the quality wood floors from a name you trust - Floors by Steve.   


This house looks so much better with the wood floors.
They turned out beautiful. Thank you for a great job - well done.
D.B. – Oakdale

Common Wood Floor Questions


What should I be looking for when selecting a wood floor company to install or refinish a hardwood floor in my home?

We have all heard horror stories of people who got a good deal on wood or installation only to later realize that their wood was poor quality or the installer/refinisher was nowhere to be found when there were problems.  Working with a reputable wood floor company will save you from costly mistakes and big disappointments.




  1. EXPERIENCE:  Floors by Steve has been providing exceptional quality  
    and reliability in wood floors since 1980.

  2. KNOWLEDGE:  Our employees have from 5 to 50 years experience.  Steve and Lisa have earned their Craftsman Degree from the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). 
    Steve has been an instructor at the NWFA schools.

  3. QUALITY:  We use only the highest quality materials from reputable wood flooring companies which provide both quality and value.

  4. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:  97% of FBS customers surveyed rated their wood floor experience as EXCELLENT.  Over 60% of FBS business is referral
    or repeat.

  5. EMPLOYEES: All FBS staff is experienced and insured and bonded.


I love the look of hardwood, but I wonder if it is practical in my kitchen or basement?

The answer is yes!  There is a hardwood flooring solution for every room in your home. Solid wood floors are ideal in every room and can be sanded and refinished many times.  There are endless colors, species, widths and styles to choose from.  Kitchens have become a popular place to install hardwood.  There is a commercial finish that can be applied to this high traffic area to better protect it.  About the only place you can’t use solid wood flooring is in the basement but there’s a solution for that area too!  Engineered wood floors are real wood floors that are manufactured using 3-5 layers of wood veneer.  The top layer consists of high quality wood.  This process creates a more stable product over slab subfloors.  (Works well in condos and townhouses built on slabs too.)  Engineered floors are ideal for basements as they can be floated or glued to the concrete slab. 


How do I care for my hardwood floors?

Keeping hardwood floors looking beautiful can be done with minimal effort.

  • To clean and polish your hardwood floors use a hardwood cleaner for a non-waxed floor once a week.

  • Never use products such as Windex or a mixture of water and vinegar as they tend to dull the floor and over time wear off the polyurethane finish.  Spills should be wiped up immediately using a damp cloth.  Never use water and a mop on your hardwood floor.

  • Place throw rugs at all entrances (avoid rubber back).

  • Protective floor pads are highly recommended for the bottoms of furniture.

  • Avoid walking on your floors with high heels in disrepair.

  • Eventually your floor may need a buff and coat.  This should be done before it has worn down to bare wood, as bare wood will be stained by dirt and water and then will require a re-sand.  Buff and Coats are recommended every 3 to 5 years or as needed.


Wondering which wood flooring option is best for you?
Stop by our 2000 SF showroom in Roseville, near the Rosedale Shopping Center (directions) in Roseville MN to view all of your wood floor options and discuss with our wood floor experts which wood flooring solution is right for your home.


Call Floors by Steve today for your
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